What I’ve enjoyed and learnt this term

This term I have started to play a game called spore. It is a game with five stages to it. First of all there is the cell stage where you have to keep on eating until you are the biggest cell there. The food you eat determines whether you are a carnivorous or a behaviour. Then there is the creature stage, this stage determines whether you are a social creature or a territorial creature. Then there is the tribal stage then the city stage then the space stage.

I’ve learnt that this game can be quite challenging. Especially if you are trying to be territorial in the hardest difficulty.

5 things you should know, GTA 5

1. You can switch between three different characters that live there own life whilst you play as a different character.

2. There are 7 different categories of weapons.

3. There is an online option for gta 5.

4. You can rob shops/banks offline or rob small stores with your friends online.

5. With this version of gta you can outrun the cops, and if you do cones come up on your mini map, showing you where the police are and where they are facing. once the cops are searching for you you can hide from them.

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my week

This week
• I learnt that I need to collect all of my stuff before I log out because otherwise someone will steal it.
• I learnt that I can place water on snow and it digs up all the snow for you.
• I learnt about directive numbers in maths.
A highlight of the week was the Chinese students visiting.
I found it challenging to white about an article in advance.

What I did with the Chinese students
I met Harry and Denis in gaming I showed them how to play Minecraft and helped them to understand the teacher. Harry helped me build a new house and we found wood and built a door and some torches to place around our house. I also met Hanna she goes on my bus she visited the zoo in Melbourne before she came down to Warrnambool.



The “Avengers” is set in the United Kingdom involving


The character’s in Avengers are hero’s from Marvel including the Archer, Hulk, Thore, Captain America, Nick Fury, Iron man, Black Widow and Loki who is the bad guy who is trying to control the world.


The avengers is about the heroes of the united kingdom coming together to defend the city against the wraith of Loki who is trying to take over the world. Loki steals the pieces he needs for his machine to open the portal to a world of darkness and destruction but Loki gets captured on purpose to stir up the avengers. The avengers have a fight then the archer attacks them and the hulk gets unleashed and fights Thore Loki escapes and opens the portal  to another world and aliens attack everything then the avengers nuke the other world and close the portal.

I liked

I really liked the part where Hulk bashes Loki up in stark tower and Thore and Iron man fighting each other.


I could be improved by getting into the action a bit earlier and not hold Loki hostage for as long.


To Ms Kitty

Sorry for stealing those crispy cream donuts bro I didn’t mean to do it, but they just looked so tasty and I couldn’t help but eat a few. I hope it didn’t affect you too much and I’ll pay for the donuts that I ate. Just so you know I think you are the best teacher in the school because you’re so nice and you give people second chances especially if they steal some crispy cream donuts.

From Hahona

This years enjoyments science

this year I’ve enjoyed the water works it was very fascinating watching how all the floods work. i liked walking down to apex park and testing the purity of the water. I’ve also enjoyed looking through microscopes at bugs seeing all the small hairs on flies and all the powdery texture on moths.