The “Avengers” is set in the United Kingdom involving


The character’s in Avengers are hero’s from Marvel including the Archer, Hulk, Thore, Captain America, Nick Fury, Iron man, Black Widow and Loki who is the bad guy who is trying to control the world.


The avengers is about the heroes of the united kingdom coming together to defend the city against the wraith of Loki who is trying to take over the world. Loki steals the pieces he needs for his machine to open the portal to a world of darkness and destruction but Loki gets captured on purpose to stir up the avengers. The avengers have a fight then the archer attacks them and the hulk gets unleashed and fights Thore Loki escapes and opens the portal  to another world and aliens attack everything then the avengers nuke the other world and close the portal.

I liked

I really liked the part where Hulk bashes Loki up in stark tower and Thore and Iron man fighting each other.


I could be improved by getting into the action a bit earlier and not hold Loki hostage for as long.


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