Biodiversity Questions


1. Why do scientists classify organisms into groups and how do they do this? Because if two scientist asked one another what animal are you talking about they wouldn’t know how to tell the other scientist. They order them into these groups fungi, plants, bacteria, protists, animalia

2. Why is it important to identify living organisms and give them a unique name? So scientists don’t get confused with what animal other scientists are talking about.

3. Give one example each of the services, products and social benefits of biodiversity. Products: milk social: pets Services: guide dog

4. Tell me what you learnt about doing the animal project. What did you enjoy or dislike about the project? What was the most difficult part? What could you have done better? I’ve learnt that the blue ringed octopus is a small animal that lives in Pacific Ocean also found in southern Australia. I liked it when Mr. Forman and I learnt that the blue ringed octopus lived in southern Australia. The most difficult part was finding out where the blue ringed octopus inserts their venom out of.

5. Why are even annoying pests like flies and mosquitoes important in our environment? Because the keep the dead things out of the world and eat all the waste as well.